World Rankings Update | May 10, 2022

Photo Credits Courtesy of Disc Golf Pro Tour
Photo Credits Courtesy of Disc Golf Pro Tour

A week void of DGPT events left some pros to play various A tiers and B tiers, and left others to take the week off. Since none of the fields were strong enough to garner anyone very many points, we see a ranking very similar to last week. Alden Harris did move up 4 spots following the win at Goat Hill, which did result in the most points awarded this week. The most notable result this week in regards to my ranking is Kyle Klein winning the 303 Open. I saw a lot of comments where people thought Kyle was ranked too high and then this week he beats players like Joel Freeman and Aaron Gossage who’ve been having great seasons. That’s where I think it’s important to recognize this as an example that players can have cold spells for a number of tournaments, but if they were exceptional before that, we can’t be too quick to drop their ranking in my opinion. Another notable move that you may have noticed is Chris Dickerson and Calvin Heimburg swapping positions at #3 and #4. Neither of them played last week, but Chris has a higher percentage of his total points coming from this year than Calvin does. Knowing this and the fact that as more time passes, the steeper the drop off in points via time decay occurs, we’re left with the situation we see in front of us.

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