USDGC Qualified Players Tracker

The OTB open was an event to pay close attention to in regards to the USDGC because of how the course played. It required players to mix distance with control and play smart golf. This means that the players that performed well have proven they can play the type of golf required to win the USDGC. A player who previously might not be in that conversation but is front and center now is Simon Lizotte. He has always had the capability to play the smart golf required by USDGC, but with his age and injury, he admitted that his game plan and the lines he sees on the course have changed and forced his style into the safer style on a day-to-day basis. The result? His first Pro Tour win in over 4 years. Another player that earned a spot at OTB that could make some noise would be Mason Ford. Mason has a very smart and conservative play style that will help him at USDGC and has been showing a lot more consistency this year. All signs are pointing to a solid finish out of Mason when October rolls around!

Next Qualifying Event: Portland Open

Notable Unqualified Players

  • Adam Hammes
  • Vaino Makela
  • Brodie Smith
  • Mason Ford
  • Cale Leiviska
  • Andrew Marwede
  • Chris Clemons

Qualified Players (Sorted by Most Recently Qualified)

  • Anthony Barela
  • Chandler Fry
  • Austin Hannum
  • Mason Ford
  • Luke Samson
  • Jacob Courtis
  • Cody Kirkland
  • Parker Welck
  • AJ Carey
  • Aaron Gossage
  • Nathan Queen
  • Casey Hanemayer
  • Simon Lizotte
  • Alden Harris
  • Ezra Aderhold
  • Lauri Lehtinen
  • Robert Burridge
  • Corey Ellis
  • Gavin Babcock
  • Ezra Robinson
  • Niklas Antila
  • Micah Groth
  • Thomas Gilbert
  • Alex Russell
  • William Hannu
  • Gregg Barsby
  • Emerson Keith
  • GT Hancock
  • John Willis
  • Gannon Buhr
  • Calvin Heimburg
  • Kevin Jones
  • Luke Humphries
  • Ken Climo
  • Barry Schultz
  • Will Schusterick
  • Chris Dickerson
  • James Conrad
  • Nate Sexton
  • Paul McBeth
  • Jeremy Koling
  • Steve Brinster
  • Nikko Locastro
  • Nate Doss
  • Dave Feldberg
  • Kyle Klein
  • Ricky Wysocki
  • Drew Gibson
  • Joel Freeman
  • Isaac Robinson
  • Eagle McMahon
  • Matt Orum


  • Can you add how each person qualified

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