Trevor’s DGPT Pre-Season Top 20

Here’s my take on the top twenty MPO and FPO players headed into the 2022 season! Keep in mind, this list is about what I believe they’ll accomplish this year, not just what they did in 2021. With that being said, feel free to roast me on Twitter because I know that’s your heart’s desire. 


20 – Gavin Rathbun

19 – Nikko Locastro

18 – Andrew Presnell

17 – Vaino Makela

16 – Mason Ford

15 – Joel Freeman

14 – Gannon Buhr

13 – James Conrad

12 – Andrew Marwede

11 – Nate Sexton

10 – Matthew Orum

Matty O had a solid year in 2021, jumping back into the top 10 in world rankings and proving that as a veteran player, he can still hang with the best on tour. I would expect another consistent season full of top twenty finishes even as he navigates new molds in his bag.

9 – Adam Hammes

Adam enjoyed a career year in 2021, winning multiple times on tour and establishing himself as one of the elite players in the world. Although it would be easy to slide him up a few spots, I still think it’s a little too early to bunch him in with the big dogs just yet. 2022 could very well prove me wrong.

8 – Kevin Jones

I believe KJ is still the biggest “what if” player on tour. Endless talent and athleticism, but just hasn’t had the consistency down the stretch to win on a regular basis. I think he just needs to bring home a big event, such as a major, to finally get over the hump and start bringing home trophies by the truckload.

7 – Kyle Klein

Kyle has one of the more complete games on tour and though he is probably sick of the Eagle comparisons, I feel that his career is on a near-identical trajectory. Each year you’ll see his name on the podium more and more. Though he will probably win a few times in 2022, we are most likely still a few years out from dominant seasons that players like Eagle are having right now.

6 – Drew Gibson

Drew has completely transformed my perception of his game over the last couple of seasons. He’s been capable of solid finishes throughout his career, but lately, he’s been finding new confidence in his game, and that makes him incredibly dangerous. The unique way he attacks courses is intimidating and effective as long as he is committing to his shots.

5 – Chris Dickerson

Chris is probably the easiest pick on this list due to his incredible consistency. Any event he signs up for is an expected top five. He needs to bring home a few more wins to group with those solid finishes if he wants to move up my list, but there’s no doubt he’s become a threat to win major championships each year. I’m looking forward to seeing his game with a new bag and his most impressive tour schedule yet.

4 – Calvin Heimburg

I think it would be fair to label Calvin as the odd man out last season at the top of the world rankings. Although he had plenty of chances to win, the rest of the big three kept getting the best of him. This resulted in plenty of runner-up finishes and an overall disappointing season in my opinion. I think 2022 is a big year for Calvin to prove that he belongs in the conversation of the best in the world.

3 – Paul McBeth

This is where the list gets tough, and unfortunately, I don’t have a crystal ball. I have Paul at three not because of his decline, but because I think the other two guys have a little more ceiling at this point in their careers. I expect Paul to bring home at least one major and a few other nice wins, but I think a player of the year will once again be argued between the last two names on this list when it’s all said and done. 

2 – Eagle McMahon

Eagle is the most talented player on tour and over the last few years, he’s been slowly improving his mental game which has shown. He’s proven that he can face adversity and overcome it to pull off big wins, which was something he couldn’t do at the start of his career. I would love to see Eagle win either a world or US title this year to show the doubters once and for all that no stage is too big for him. 

1 – Ricky Wysocki

Ricky Wysocki is number one on this list because I believe he is the best combination of talent, composure, consistency, and experience. He’s the guy that will always give himself a chance to win week in and week out. I expect another incredible season from him in 2022 as he adds the discs back to his bag that won him two world titles back in 2016 and 2017. He has his hands full holding off the pack, but I don’t think any other player will spend more weeks at world number one.

FPO Top 20

20 – Stephanie Vincent

19 – Ella Hansen

18 – Lisa Fajkus

17 – Juliana Korver

16 – Ohn Scoggins

15 – Jessica Weese

14 – Alexis Mandujano

13 – Heidi Laine

12 – Heather Young

11 – Kona Panis

10 – Macie Velediaz

Macie had a limited tour in 2021, but what I saw from her game was high potential and plenty of talent that can propel herself into the top ten in 2022.

9 – Sarah Hokom

Sarah has been a veteran on tour for quite some time now. Although the young talent is beginning to surpass her at this stage in her career, she still has a consistent enough game to rattle off solid finishes and challenge for wins. There are still few who can throw a forehand with the consistency and accuracy that she can. 

8 – Valerie Mandujano

Valerie is one of my players to watch for 2022. I got a chance to get a good look at her game during the Throw Pink Championship in October, and I can tell she’s a natural competitor. I believe Val has one of the higher ceilings on tour, and with a move to a new manufacturer, she’s in a great position to break out this season and become a household name.

7 – Hailey King

Hailey has all the talent required to be a consistent winner on tour but has had trouble avoiding the collapses that plague so many players. A move to Innova will hopefully be the fresh start she needs to put it all together and dominate on tour in 2022. 

6 – Missy Gannon

Missy will be a curious player to watch in 2022. Although she has plenty of talent and is a proven winner, I think she has inflated expectations due to the incredible finish to her 2021 season. It will be interesting to see how she handles the pressure of these expectations and tries to build on her recent success. 

5 – Catrina Allen

Though five may seem like a rough draw for the defending world champion, I think the top spots are going to be tougher than ever to crack in the FPO division in 2022. Catrina is no doubt one of the all-time greats in our sport, but as she continues to get older, new blood is entering the division that could hand her a season full of struggle. 

4 – Henna Blomroos

Henna is one of the European players that pending any further COVID-19 issues, will completely change the landscape of the FPO division. The pandemic has stripped us of some of the most talented female players the sport has to offer, and they’ve all been practicing in Europe, waiting for their chance. I have Henna in this slot because I believe she’s less experienced than some of her competitors, but she will certainly be a force on tour.

3 – Eveliina Salonen

Eveliina slightly edges Henna on experience and is just as talented. When we last saw her on the pro tour, she won the Waco Charity Open. She has a smooth game, tons of confidence, and will be very tough to beat in 2022. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if she ended up at number one on my list next year.

2 – Paige Pierce

Paige is set for perhaps her most challenging season yet. Along with her slightly disappointing (by her standards) season in 2021, she is going to have to compete with a wave of European competition that is sure to rock the boat. I think this will be the year that defines her legacy moving forward. Will she get buried under new talent, or will she rise to the top once again and prove she’s still the GOAT? 

1 – Kristin Tattar

Kristin gets my number one spot because I’m not sure there’s a more feared competitor on tour right now. The impact she had when she joined the tour last season cannot be ignored. What was a semi-routine season of Paige and Cat battles turned into the Kristin Tattar show. It was that same display that earned her a historic contract in the off-season. I think the number one spot is going to be very flexible this year, but I think Kristin is starting the race in pole position.

Trevor Staub

Highly experienced putting instructor with years of experience. Once placed 3rd at the South Eastern Collegiate Championships. Lover of mac and cheese.


  • How could you leave AB off this list?

  • You mispelled Kristin. FPO number one and still didn’t bother checking her name

  • overall id agree with this. I think Gavin and Gannon will both be higher than you put them but thats about it.

  • I’d put Jessica and Lisa at 14 and 15, over Alexis.
    Kona over Macie, but that’s just splitting hairs.
    Sarah Hokom over Val; Val is talented but I think Sarah is better, imho.
    I agree with Cat at #5 but enough already about her age… unless you can point out what it is about being 37 that makes her less capable. Her physical strength and endurance is probably better than the rest of the names here, her competitiveness is second to only Paige’s, her distance is top 4. Usually new young talent = more athletic, but I don’t think that storyline fits here. So until she gives us reason to say “Oh, her age seemed to show this weekend”, I think we should forget it.GG is older (38) and no one seems to be calling him old. Granted, he’s not in the top 20…

    • Never mind, Gatekeeper just posted the 2021 Helsinki Open FPO R1 with four of the five biggest European names, including Heidi <3

  • I don’t disagree too much with this list.

    I think you will see people like Joel, Calvin, and Matty’O drop this year. I don’t think Calvin or Matty’O will drop off the top twenty this year, but I think that Joel will.

    The person I see taking his spot (assuming his arm stays healthy) is Gavin Rathbun. He had a strong start to the season last year but because of his nagging arm injury I think hindered his season last year.

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