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Iron Samurai 3

·      Color Glow Md3

·      More dome than the md3

·      Stiffer that regular C-Line

·      Plastic manufactured by Discmania

·      Comparable to a Discraft Buzzz (does hesitate to fade out)

o   Looks a lot like the Dynamic Moonshine (Color Glow) Plastic

o   Lat. 64 makes evolution line

o   Yikun Discs makes Active Line

 Discraft Plastic

·      With the recent shipment we received, plastic was very inconsistent

·      Curious to see weather that has to do with the mold or just the way the plastic is mixed

·      Nuke is super swirly, but undertaker is very plain

·      Affecting sales on discs because one run has more swirls than the other

·      Malta is a PM Signature disc. Does that make Discraft want to save the better plastic for that mold?

Loft Discs Bohrium Driver

·      Feels like a slicker star plastic

·      Good feeling premium plastic, no complaints

·      Making them in max weight: 171-174 and light weight: 167-171

·      Very rounded inner rim that reduces air being trapped making the disc fly faster (reduces drag)

·      Super shallow rim (hard to grip backhand or forehand)

·       Fastest disc on the market

·      Flight characteristics- stable driver

·      High speed understability with a low speed overstability

·      Good for smaller hands

·      Like the Prodigy X-series

Silas Isaacson


  • Great job Silas, this was great!!

  • That was great!
    That Loft Discs Bohrium seems a bit of an overkill for a disc, hopefully I can try it out in the near future.

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