Prodigy PX-3 Review

The Px-3 is one of the newest discs to the Prodigy lineup. This low-profile, slightly overstable putter is a great choice for players looking for reliability off the tee no matter how much power they put behind the shot. Prodigy did a very solid job in the design of this putter and made a very fun disc to throw!


The Px-3 has a pretty low profile with a rather large bead on the rim. When looking at the disc, it seemed odd but once it was in my hand I didn’t even notice. It felt very comfortable and had a clean release every time. I really enjoyed the hand feel for both backhands and forehands. The Px-3 is available in virtually every Prodigy plastic so if you have a specific one that you like for your throwing putters, there shouldn’t be an issue with finding it here!


The flight of this disc really set it apart from a lot of other discs on the market. It felt like it wanted to be thrown hard and was able to hold the same flight with a wide range of power behind the disc. I think a big part of this flight comes from the large bead on the rim. Another thing that I noticed and really liked about the disc was the way that it faded. When it lost speed, instead of just knifing to the ground and not going anywhere, it almost glided left as it headed towards the ground getting me extra distance and a slow fading flight with great angle control. This was also evident in the way that it almost slowly flattened and fell straight down out of the anhyzer instead of dumping out and hitting on a sharp angle that encourages rollaway.


Overall, I really enjoyed throwing this disc. I think it has a very solid chance of making it into my bag. The feel and flight combo of this disc fit my game very well and gave me a ton of confidence when working with it in the field. Overall I give it an 8.7 / 10.


  • PA-3 is by far my favorite prodigy disc to throw off the tee with

  • I love the PA-3. Sadly I lost mine in my last round. Maybe a PX-3 will replace it since it was my driving putter

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