James Conrad Nomad Disc Review

The Nomad is one of the newest discs in the MVP lineup. It was designed in collaboration with 2021 world champion James Conrad specifically for his wants and needs on tour. MVP gives the Nomad flight numbers of 2 | 4 | 0 | 1 suggesting a pretty neutral to slightly overstable flight.


The Nomad has a slight bead and offers a very comfortable depth in the hand. There are definitely putters out there more shallow than the Nomad but I also did not find it to be super deep. The shoulder of the disc makes it feel as though it has a slight dome in hand, but almost all the ones we have felt have been very flat on top. Personally, I find the Nomad to be a bit too deep for my forehand, but it is very comfortable in my normal backhand fan grip.


So I got a decent bit of throws with the Nomad between the throws in the video review we did and I put one in my bag for a few rounds to get a good feel for it. The one thing I constantly noticed was that it was just a bit more overstable than I expected every time. It was almost the way it was overstable more than anything. The Nomad seems to want to get moving right to left on a right-hand backhand early in its flight but never really dumps. This flight allows it to handle power very well and get a lot of distance while still having that consistently overstable flight. Personally, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the flight but I think I just never gave it enough time to get used to it. I definitely think the Nomad would be an incredible putter to beat in as your go-to straight approach and driving putter. 

Overall Thoughts

When it is all said and done, the Nomad is a very solid putter. It has a classic putter feel that most players will find very comfortable and a neutral to slightly overstable flight that will appeal to the masses. The only knock I have on it is that I personally had trouble getting used to the stability. It is hard to explain but it just had a flight for me that I hadn’t seen much before and made it hard at times for me to trust the disc mentally. When I take all of that into account, I give the Nomad a Foundation Certified Score of 7.8/10!

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  • I love this disc!

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