My Thoughts on the New All-Star Format

As expected, the DGPT has announced a new and improved format for their all-star event this year. It was an easy decision to make some changes following the backlash they received last year when the event fell flat due to the lackluster design for the showcase. For those that don’t remember, last year’s event was basically a normal tournament. They threw in some doubles to pair with stroke play, but there didn’t seem to be any serious effort to highlight the talents of the players or create a special platform to separate the event from normal tour stops. Soon after the conclusion of the weekend, the DGPT announced that in 2022 there would be adjustments made to align with the feedback they received.

Fast forward to this afternoon and the new format is finally here just a few weeks before the event. From what I can see, they’ve made all the changes I hoped for. More specifically, they added skills events such as the long drive competition and a putting contest. This is what was missing the most from last year in my opinion. I get to see the players play stroke play disc golf every weekend, but it’s not often I get to see them throw in a distance showcase. These showcases of talent make all-star events special and allow the fans to appreciate the incredible abilities of the athletes. Another cool addition to the event is team captains. Captains will draft their teams that carry through the entire weekend. This is a cool change because it allows for unique combinations of players rooting each other on that you don’t normally see. Although if I’m being honest I’m mostly going to be paying attention to which captains pick certain players so I can detect any potential rivalries. Overall, I’m way more excited for the event this year now that it’s formatted in a way that gives it that special all-star flare. I have to once again credit the DGPT for taking feedback and applying it without hesitation when it makes sense. You can check out a full breakdown of the new event format below in the post from the DGPT’s Facebook page.

Trevor Staub

Highly experienced putting instructor with years of experience. Once placed 3rd at the South Eastern Collegiate Championships. Lover of mac and cheese.


  • I love that such a prolific putter instructor has time to take out of his busy day to write this absolutely beautiful piece of reading material. I’m so excited for this event and I love the changes. I can’t to see the big dogs having a blast crushing some frisbees.

  • I’m excited for the skills comp. Last year it just seemed like a regular tournament.

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  • As a new player in disc golf but 10 year ultimate frisbee player I am curious to see how it goes. I am more curious to hear Grip Locked podcast to find out everyone’s thoughts

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