My Power Rankings for the Top 10 “In the Bag” Videos of All Time

Ah, the disc golf “in the bag” video. A truly beautiful art form that has graced the Youtube side of our sport for many years. When I first got into disc golf almost a decade ago, these videos captured me almost immediately. I have never been sucked down a black hole of internet videos any more than with in the bags. I was so young and innocent and I just wanted to know how many KC Rocs Ken Climo had in his bag. I think from 2012 to 2016 I saw every in the bag that was released. And I’m not just talking about the pros. I mean EVERY in the bag. I swear I used to watch this random dentist who got like 15 views per video just because they posted a new in the bag every month. I was like an addict who needed a fix. I say all this to help you understand that I am well versed in this particular area of disc golf culture, and you should take this list very seriously. These are my top 10 in-the-bag videos of all time.

#10 – Patrick Brown (2014)

We start off with a somewhat forgotten pro, Patrick Brown. Patrick makes this list for three reasons. Number one: He has a pretty electric personality. Number two: He throws a few unique molds such as a Star XD and a Panther. Number 3: He calls the Firebird a Firechicken and my boss Hunter thinks that’s cool.

#9 – Eagle McMahon (2017)

It is quite fascinating that Eagle is 20 years old in this video and still looks like he’s 13. But aside from that, I chose this video mostly because it reminds me of simpler times. Times when Discmania plastic was still original, back when Dude disc golf apparel was a thing, and when people talked about first run PDs like they were precious gems. Also, how can you not love that little skit at the beginning? Classic.

#8 – Philo Brathwaite (2013)

Philo has a classic in the bag, but his silky smooth voice is where he earns most of his points. I’ve never heard a DX Roc sound so enticing. And speaking of DX rocs, Philo has 4 of them. Swag off the charts.

#7 – Jay Reading (2014)

This is by far the most chaotic in the bag of all time. Jay has everything from super expensive collectible discs to sub sandwiches in his bag. On top of that, he’s one of the more charismatic figures the disc golf world has ever seen. This video is must-see entertainment.

#6 – Will Schusterick (2012)

It doesn’t get much better than this. You’ve got a young Will with a massive bandage on his head after getting plunked in the head by a distance driver. You’ve super rare discs said to be obtained from “Dave Feldberg’s Secret Basement Collection.” And to top it off, the whole thing is shot from a recliner chair in some random living room. The artistic merit is hard to ignore.

#5 – Nate Doss (2008)

This one is a real blast from the past. The editing done by Discraft alone is like a roundhouse kick to the face from the 2000s. Anyone heard of distance drivers? Nate sure hasn’t. All he needs are predators to light you up on the course.

#4 – Steve Brinster (2013)

Judging by the number of views this video has (a measly 15K), I’m guessing this one slipped under people’s radar. Luckily I am here to bring this masterpiece to your attention. Steve Brinster is one of the more random major winners ever, and his bag is pretty random too. He carries some really cool Millennium molds, and he just talks about his discs in a really cool way that I can’t quite describe.

#3 – Nikko Locastro (2009)

I’ve spent countless nights wondering what went through Nikko’s head when he picked out the outfit on display in this video. This is back when Nikko was the best player in the world, and his bag was mixed with a little of everything. It’s fast-paced and fascinating to see what he threw in his prime. I also love that he has half of his bag filled with discs that he doesn’t even throw.

#2 – Gregg Barsbby (2020)

This is quite possibly the most expensive in the bag of all time. Gregg’s bag is practically an Innova museum. Gregg looks at and talks about each of his discs like he’s been married to them for a few decades. He also seems to have a special and unique story for how he acquired each of his rare discs. He’s like the Indiana Jones of frisbee. Frisbeeana Jones if you will.

#1 – Ken Climo (2013)

Who else but the champ could be number one? This is the in the bag that created the rest. Ken set the tone for all the Innova pros that came after him. He told me everyone needs a roc in their bag, so I did just that. There really isn’t enough Climo content on the internet, so this is a great way to get your fix.

Trevor Staub

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  • I would change barsby’s from 2020 to his 2018. Most specifically around the 10:30 mark where he mentions his S-Line TD. Iykyk

  • No love for Hot CoCo?

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