Mutant and Splice Reviews

Discmania has declared March 29th as “overstable release day” apparently as they have decided to release a very overstable mid and fairway in their Evolution line. Both of these discs are some of the most overstable in their classes and will fight whatever wind you face on the course


The Mutant is a very unique feeling overstable mid-range. The rim features a design that we have not really seen elsewhere with almost steps instead of your typical rounded edge. We are not entirely sure why this decision was made, but you cannot deny the overstable flight that it is able to accomplish. Since shooting this review, I have fallen in love with this disc. I have found this disc to be a great solution for that very overstable mid-range slot in my bag. It fits a slot that I didn’t have before where it can fight wind like a Firebird or Captain Raptor without having to power down on the discs like I was previously doing. I do not think this is a disc for everyone, but for some people, this is the exact one you are looking for! I have played some incredibly windy rounds with this disc and the flight pretty much never changes. It has a unique feel, but the flight is something that is very sought after and I think it is a disc that players will really enjoy.


The Splice fills a slot that we have seen in pretty much every company’s lineup for years. It is a very overstable fairway driver that will get the job done in pretty much any scenario. In the video, Trevor references the Tilt quite a bit as the feel was somewhat similar, but the more we threw it the less it seems to be Tilt stability. The Splice is almost a step down from the Tilt back towards reality. It is definitely more stable than a typical Firebird or Raptor but aligns pretty closely with the new Captain’s Raptor. It has all the stability that you could ever want in a fairway and seems to respond well to whatever angle was thrown at it. If you are looking for a fairway that is workable and you can trust in all conditions, it is definitely worth checking out!

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