Discraft Sol Review

The Sol is a unique mid from Discraft! It features a blunt edge that gives it a putter feel and flight pattern with a slower mid’s distance. This makes it a great choice for new players and players that are looking to easily hyzer flip a mid all over the place with precise control!


Outside of a few special runs, the Sol is available in Z plastic right now. This is Discraft’s premium plastic that is comparable to Champion, 400, Lucid, etc. The hand feel of the mold is somewhat unique in the shape of the disc as I mentioned in the first paragraph of the article. Personally, I find the disc to be very comfortable, but it doesn’t feel like your typical mid. I think this shape is the reason why it doesn’t fly like your typical mid either.


The Sol is able to accomplish a flight out of the box that previously was only possible by taking a Roc-like mid with an overstable flight and beating it in to be understable. This is a very desirable flight as it allows a player to accomplish a lot of shots with a single disc by just adjusting the amount of hyzer that the disc is released on. This also provides new players with a mid-range that is very easy to get to go straight with a lot of speed and distance control. All players can benefit from the Sol and work it into their game somehow!

Pick up a Sol here

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