Crazy New Discs | Plastic Addict 1

In this series, Silas talks about new releases and cool finds in the warehouse

The new Prodigy D2 Pro is a little more overstable, but with the same amount of glide and a touch more dump at the end of its flight. The D2 Pro has a slightly shallower rim that makes it comfortable for players with smaller hands and comes in the 400 plastic. The stamp also includes the flight numbers which is a helpful touch to newer players to the game who may not know how the Prodigy numbering system works. Overall, the new D2 Pro is a solid choice when looking for an overstable, reliable, high-speed driver.

Dynamic Discs has changed up their Lucid plastic and made it into a clearer, see-through look. Furthermore, the new plastic is very comparable to the new Discmania C-Line Plastic. The new Lucid plastic offers more grip and tackiness, making it a great choice for those who love grippy plastics.

A new foil has hit the warehouse this week! A new 50/50 foil is looking clean! Now I’m not sure if Discraft is doing this intentionally, but I like it nevertheless!

MVP has introduced a new mold that has hit the site and that is the Virus. In both a regular stamp and special edition stamp this disc is great for any beginner looking for a straight flight right out of the box. The Virus is a 9 | 5 | -3.5 | 1. Although very understable this disc can open a doorway into making so very creative shot choices for more advanced players. I would not sleep on this disc as we have seen just how creative MVP is getting with their plastics and molds.

Finally, this ESP Nuke is one of the best swirly runs of ESP I have seen! It looks as if it was dyed by someone. Discraft is stepping up their game with this run of ESP; hopefully we will start to see this more and more from Discraft in the coming future. The possibilities are endless!

I hope to see this series grow and continue into something amazing! I would love to get people’s feedback to make this series even better! If you would like to send in your disc to show off to everyone DM me on Twitter @FDG_Silas. Thanks for the support. I will catch you guys next Friday! Adios!

Silas Isaacson


  • Oh yeah I’m down for more of this, keep it up Silas!

  • Good stuff. I like the new lucid plastic from dynamic. Keep up the good work. Look forward to more

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