Champions Cup Preview

The time has arrived for the first major of the year! This is the first time the Champions Cup has happened and the first time in years that we have had a tournament at W.R. Jackson. The stage is set and it is time to tee off!


The course is the thing that I am most excited about with this major. W.R. Jackson is one of the best wooded tracks in the country and is a great home for the first Champions Cup ever. The course boasts very fair fairways, plenty of length to challenge players, and scoring separation that makes the tournament never over until the last putt is in the basket. The final stretch of holes on the course provides a lot of opportunity for players to make up ground and realistically even a 5 stroke lead with two to play might not be safe this weekend. This is the first time that a lot of new players in the sport are going to be seeing this course and I think that they are going to really enjoy it.

Keys to Victory


  • Scramble Rate. You are not going to get through a round unscathed out there but the key is making sure your scorecard doesn’t show it. The winner is going to have to get up and down more often than not.
  • Fairway Hits. Having your drives in play is crucial on a course like this. If you are hitting fairways your upshots are going to be a lot easier and that is going to be very necessary to score out there.


  • Putting. This is one of these courses where scoring is very hard and you cannot be bleeding strokes on the green out here. When you have a look at birdie you have to take it and when you have a putt for par you have to salvage.
  • Scramble Rate. Same as for the MPO. When players find themselves out of position, they need to find a way to minimize damage. Nobody is going to be in position off of every tee and the players that are able to recover well are going to do just fine out there.

How to Watch

All four rounds will be live-streamed on the Disc Golf Network and the final round will be live for free on YouTube. Post-production will happen as usual on the normal channels. Don’t forget to catch our final day companion stream on our main channel for the MPO lead card where we will be watching the stream and making predictions for a chance to win our own Champion’s Cup!

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