Catrina Allen Signs with DGA

Wow. I must say I did not see that coming. When Cat announced she was leaving Prodigy and testing the market it was safe to assume she was going to cost a lot of money. That fact alone gave me plenty of guesses as to her final destination but DGA was not on that list. Sure, she has ties from early in her career, but I never thought that DGA would be able to bring the money to the table. Clearly they sell more of those baskets than I thought. This is the most high profile player that DGA has signed in recent history, and with the addition of Andrew Marwede earlier this off-season, they are picking up some serious momentum. It will be fun to see DGA plastic on display at the highest level in 2022. We have yet to hear any details surrounding the length or monetary value of Catrina’s deal, but we could reasonably assume that it will be worth at least close to the half a million dollars that Kristen and Kona signed for already. This is seemingly a massive financial commitment from a company that has flown under the radar in the past. If this is the finale of this turbulent off-season, what a finale it was.

You can check out DGA’s full announcement video at

Trevor Staub

Highly experienced putting instructor with years of experience. Once placed 3rd at the South Eastern Collegiate Championships. Lover of mac and cheese.


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