Captain’s Raptor Trash? | Plastic Addict 3

ESP Buzzz

·      First foundation collab with a local coffee company

·      Bought the disc and a bag of coffee

·      Benefits went to a disc golf course in Africa

·      Only 100 made

·      Signed by Paul McBeth


Innova Mako 3 wonderbread stamp


Cryztal Raptor

·      First foundation custom run

·      Only 500

·      Most popular disc from foundation

·      100 blanks, black, signed by Paul


Captain’s Raptor

·      Feels great in the hand

·      Super glimmer plastic, almost like a metallic

·      Super stable, like the machete 

Silas Isaacson


  • I get that it takes reps to build on-screen confidence, but Silas is just very clearly not comfortable in front of the camera. Kinda feels like you guys are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole here. He obviously took like a hundred takes to get through this short video, and it shows. It’s ok to be awkward if you lean into it, and the viewer can tell you’re still enjoying yourself. This watches like a hostage video though. Let the guy just stay on the production side, where he’s clearly more comfortable.

    He seems like a good dude. I’m not trying to put him down personally, just pointing out that this maybe isn’t the best use of his talents.

  • William Christ seems like a guy who would comment on blog posts trying to crush peoples dreams. Bad take William, bad take.
    Silas is the man. He will be like Bradley Pitt on camera someday, he has all the necessary characteristics. I enjoy plastic addicts. 😁

    • Glad you enjoy it. I happen to think it’s quite bad. And as an adult who posts videos on a blog, Silas is inviting feedback and criticism.

  • People are saying Silas has the best weekly videos in disc golf. Love the videos, Silas.

  • Great job Silas, this was awesome!!

  • Silas I really enjoy your plastic talk.
    We need to know what you got on the wall behind you. What makes a discs cool enough to make the wall?

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