Captain’s Raptor Review

We have officially arrived at the time of the next hyped up disc release! Discraft has retooled the Raptor to make it more overstable in this once per year limited release known as the “Captain’s Raptor.” We are going to take a look at the feel, flight, and overall usability of the disc.


The Captain’s Raptor immediately feels deeper in the hand then the stock Raptors. It has a very comfortable feel for forehand and backhand. Personally one of the struggles that I had with the stock Raptor was that the board flat ones were too shallow in my hand and it would get in my head when throwing a forehand. The deeper feel and slight shoulder to the profile of the Captain’s Raptor really solved that problem for me. It feels pretty similar to a Firebird when in my hand but the shoulder of the rim prevents it from having that truly board flat feel that some people may desire.


The Captain’s Raptor promised to be a much more overstable version of the Raptor and it delivered on that promise. Discraft was able to create a disc that has enough glide to make the disc workable with enough fade to make it extremely overstable to where you don’t have to worry about the wind. When I say “enough glide” I think it is important to put that in context. I think this disc has similar or slightly less glide than a Firebird so we are not talking about disc with a ton of glide that is going to make you scared to throw it in crosswinds or anything. I am more referring to some of the other ridiculously overstable discs on the market like the Tilt or OG H1 that just don’t have quite enough glide paired with their overstability to make them regularly usable in rounds. One thing that I noticed was that the disc flew a decent bit more stable on backhands than forehands for me. This was mostly evident on the forehand anhyzer lines. It still fought out and was very overstable, but if you are someone who struggles with off-axis torque on your forehands and you throw with 300+ feet of forehand power, you might find yourself thinking this disc isn’t as overstable as you had hoped.

Final Summary

So what do I think of the Captain’s Raptor overall? Personally, I love it. It has temporarily pushed the Firebird out of my bag as I test it more and see if my love for it stays throughout rounds, but in the field it stepped up and answered every test I threw at it. I really liked the consistent flight I got out of it backhand and the way that I was able to really get behind it without worrying about it carrying to far or wanting to flip up at all which were the problems that I had with the stock Raptor. If you are someone who loves to have your overstable disc be one that you have to really chuck to get it to go, then you are going to love it. Don’t get this disc and expect to be able to smooth it out to 320ft with ease and a comfortably overstable flight. This disc wants to be THROWN and if you don’t quite have the power for that, it might be a frustrating experience. Overall, I give the Captain’s Raptor an 8.2 / 10.


  • I think the captian’s raptor will be a very nice disc once beat in. Not sure of it right off the start though

  • Great review! Keep up the great work!

  • The stamps on both of those Captain’s Raptors, wow. So beautiful!

  • This disc looks great for a nice backhand flex line. The stamp is amazing. Thanks for the review!

  • Can’t wait for mine to arrive. Not as much looking forward to my noodle arm throws hyzering out early but 100% had to have the disc ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • “ It has temporarily pushed the Firebird out of my bag…”
    Quite possibly the greatest sales pitch in Foundation’s history. I just might buy one now. 🤔

  • May have to give this a tryout in the bag👀

  • Excited to do flex forehand’s with these

  • Commenting just to win a disc

  • Great review! I think it will probably be a good disc for the pros that have the arm to throw it comfortably. I’m curious to see how many amateurs will buy this.

  • I’m curious, do you guys do the reviews with the disc straight out of the box or do you beat it in a little bit first?

  • CapRap seems sick. Hope to pick one up sometime.

  • I’m not sure I have the arm for it, but I love my tour series raptor as a forehand player. Great review. Can’t wait for mine to arrive.

  • Commenting so I can throw a fellow Trevor’s discs

  • Trying to be like Trevor

  • Disc looks awesome. If only I had a signed disc from Trevor. That would be even better.

  • Just replying here to see if this is the last blog while for Trevor’s giveaway while Silas’ video is up as well (I’ll comment there too Silas, don’t hate me)

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