Brodie Smith’s Off-Season Putting Routine

Watch me run through my putting routine with the Foundation team and how I use an excel sheet to fix my weaknesses.

How to use the sheet:

When you download the sheet it will have two days filled in as an example. Delete those and replace them with your own data! Once you get past day two, simply copy and paste the formulas for each new day you putt to keep up with your analytics.

Putting Sheet 101:
– The first day putt 20 times from 20ft, 25ft, 30ft.
– Based on your performance adjust your distances. Any distance under 50% is too far. (Example: 20ft – 75%, 25ft – 65%, 30ft – 45%. Since you were under 50% from 30ft you would then adjust your distances to 20ft, 23ft, 26ft)
– Complete 1-4 rounds per day
– As you improve continue to push back your distances.

Download Sheet

Brodie Smith


  • Thanks for sharing this, Brody ! Awesome 😀

    • Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Thanks for sharing! The conditional formatting didn’t translate for some reason. Mind dropping a google sheet version?

  • Thank you!! Any help is needed! Cheers

    • MVP

    • Hey hank, I loved the sheet you made. I am making my own but was wondering how you put the percentages. when you put the formula for example =D3/20 you get a decimal number. how do I get it to show in a percentage???

  • This is cool..

  • Thanks for this. When doing your reps do you have a routine like someone doing foul shots in basketball? It seems like your gunning from the hip so to speak but it might just be real short?

  • I made it into a Google Sheet and then made some formatting edits and improved the logic for the cells some. I also let you set bands for the ranges on different putting distances.

  • Hello, Brodie! I was wondering how do you approach the progression of the distance? Do you re-do the base 25,30,35ft and see from there where most improvement needs to be done? Or if I see that I need to improve 21,24,27ft then I continue in 3ft increments?

    Of course that is really up to me but I was wondering how do you approach it?
    Thank you!

  • I love this idea of keeping track. Specially since I’m up in Canada and it’ll give me something to do after work since it gets dark to early to play around. Thanks again

  • Very cool idea. I took your spreadsheet and modified it a little if you’re interested. I made it look a little more polished, locked it down so someone doesn’t accidentally delete a formula, made it so you never have to copy down a formula, and created a way to do a daily percent average without copying/moving formulas. The formula you have in L3 would be it’s own table instead, automatically showing the latest date at the top, and combining multiple session into 1 based on the date entered.

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