Brodie Smith’s 2022 Tour Schedule

Excited to announce my tour schedule for the 2022 season. After ending last season early, I’m ready for a full year on the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

Brodie Smith


  • The PFDO is one of my favorite events all year. Being from Pennsylvania, Moraine State Park is one of my favorite courses. It’s a very underrated course and tournament. Really hope you like it and that it turns into a full Pro Tour again sometime soon.

    • That one is just going to depend on how I do at the earlier Silver Series events.

  • Battle for Bedford being a B-tier is a crime imo. Its going to be the best B-tier event on the east coast

  • See you at DGLO , nice putt

  • When are you heading to Vegas Brodie?

  • No Idlewild??? Bummer 🙁

    • It’s on there

    • Second column second from top. They renamed it.

  • I’ve been looking forward to Waco for a while. I’d love for the PDGA to add a Fort Worth tournament. We have a lot of nice courses.

  • Gonna be full season indeed! Can’t wait to watch ya, and hopefully be out there competing together at a couple of the more local Silver series.
    Have you been out to Lake Marshall in Virginia yet?? I know it’s a silver series, and an inaugural one at that, but that course is something special 🙌🏽

  • If you do find yourself at the Mid America Open, I’d love the chance to caddy for you! I play for Mizzou Disc Golf Team and know those Como courses like the back of my hand. Hope you make it, have a great season darkhorse!

  • Not gonna join Paul on Euro Tour?

  • Eyeing a move to Minneapolis sometime this late spring/early summer. Really hoping to be able to make it out to see you sling ‘‘em at the Preserve!

  • European Open will be interesting if it happens.

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