Brodie Smith vs. Scott Stokely Skins Match?

The GK Pro Skins match at Eagle’s Crossing just announced their lineup and it looks like the internet is getting what they wanted! Brodie Smith, Scott Stokely, Ricky Wysocki, and Eagle McMahon will be featured in the skins match. Brodie and Scott have recently been pitted head to head by an increasing number of people as we approach the 2022 season. Why? Not exactly sure. The first mention that I saw of it was in a comment on a Reddit thread where a user asked who people thought would have a better season.

Header image from Facebook event. Click to learn more.

The course is one of the more hyped-up courses in Disc Golf right now. Several trusted players have called it the best course out there and the owner is doing all they can to get as many eyes on the course as possible. It will most likely be a regular stop on the Pro Tour within the next few seasons!

So who will have the better season between Brodie and Scott? Well if you look at their recent performances, it shouldn’t really be a question as Brodie has outperformed Stokely quite significantly as of late, but that was all before Stokely’s training with all of his focus on a return to the tour. The biggest question is will it be enough with his age or will his ceiling just not quite be what it used to be in his return? At 52 years old, it is definitely going to be a storyline to follow as we head into the 2022 touring season.


  • Who would you say is the closest competitor to Brodie on tour?

  • Why? Because they are the biggest YouTube’s in disc golf, and it is an even contest. There is a newcomer to the sport that has shown some ability, plus a proven veteran that is coming back to the sport, how will their ability intersect in 2022? It is an interesting story.

  • Scott Stokely for rookie of the year 👏🏼


  • Can’t wait for this. Excited to see another Skins match at Eagles Crossing!

  • Never seen Scott play, so looking forward to watching the Skins matchup for sure.

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