Better Feeling Discraft Zone? | Plastic Addict 2

The MVP Entropy is a zone killer. The Entropy comes in a variety of plastics, I was able to get it in the plasma plastic which feels like a Ti swirl. If you’re looking for a flight of a zone with a smaller bead the Entropy is a great mold.


The Ricky Destroyer is a disc that might not ever be made again. This disc is worth to hold on to if you have one. I found an Avery Jenkins Destroyer going for 90.00$, so if you are a collector you might want to snag a couple of these while they are still available.


The Elevation Discs Interceptor is a wild disc in production. It can fold into a taco with ease. Elevation’s purpose for the disc is that it sticks to the ground and stops. No slipping or sliding around for the Interceptor which what makes it so unique.


The new Latitude 64 Royal collection is remarkable. Three molds come in the Grand plastic which feels like a slightly tackier ESP. This plastic is a great ESP alternative in colder environments where a tackier plastic would be beneficial.


Darkhorse Mint Discs Mustang is a better feeling Meteor. The Mustang comes in both baseline and premium plastics. I personally bag one in the baseline plastic and it is a great hyzer flip to flat midrange.


Hopefully you guys enjoyed the video! See you next Friday!



Silas Isaacson

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  • …the zone has no bead. Not even a ghost bead….sure you tried that disc? I own several of each you mentioned 🤷🏼‍♂️. The Mustang is more stable than any meteor ive ever thrown, even beat in….perhaps the base is much less stable.

    Grain of salt.

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