Battle Of The Brands | Plastic Addict 5

·      Streamline Pilot: Special Edition

o   Tackier ESP

o   Neutron plastic is a premium blend plastic with good grip, durability, and bright, opaque colors.

o   Got the ESP look

o   Flight Numbers 2 | 5 | 0 | 1

o   Straight to overstable putter

o   Beat in to straight


Battle of the Brands:

·      Prodigy: Respectable

o   Starting to release new retooled molds

o   Lost a ton of their team, which will affect disc sales

o   Inconsistent plastic

o   Inconsistent flight

o   Meh

·      Trilogy Dynamic Discs, Lat. 64, Westside: Releasing new molds with new sponsors

o   New Lucid plastic

o   Releasing a few new molds, not many though

o   One of the best baselines on the market

o   Swirly burst baseline plastic

o   Pretty consistent plastic throughout the year

o   Spicy

·      MVP: Combining Streamline and Axiom

o    Gyroplooza Mystery Box

o   Over 10 molds released

o   New Plastic

o   Always striving to do better

o   Swirly plastic

o   2021 world champ

o   Elite

·      Innova Discs: Reliable innova

o   Like a safe investor, doesn’t take a lot of risk

o   Lacking in the swirly plastic dept.

o   Reliable, always got your back

o   Spicy

·      Discmania: Releasing 2 whole lines of discs

o   Partnering with Yikun and Lat. 64

o   Great Mystery Boxes

o   Good amount of exclusive discs

o   Just built their own factory

o   Taking a lot of risk

o   Solid

·      Discraft: A few new molds

o   Scorch, cap-rap

o   Great plastic and variety

o   Lots of customs runs and special discs

o   Solid and reliable

o   Retailer shipping time high

o   Elite

·      Gateway Discs: Respectable

o   Picked up Nico

o   Not too many new molds

o   No swirly plastic

o   Basic, get the job done manufacturer

o   Inconsistent at times

o   Meh

·      Winner: MVP

·      Let me know what you think. Fill out this tier list yourself.




o   Rocket Roach: Brodie Smith Putter

o   Putter Blend Swirl

o   Tackier CT plastic

o   Super Swirly, Lots of colors


o   Discraft Big Z Predator

o   Faster Captain’s Raptor

o   Goes little farther

o   Flight Numbers 9 | 4 | 1 | 4 | 2.5 stability rating

o   If you don’t like the feel of the Captain’s Raptor and want something with a similar flight

o   Has a lattice grip enhancer on the inside rim of the disc.

Silas Isaacson

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