All-Star Doubles Summary

Day two out in Tucson is officially in the books! Our first glimpse at players games this year came in the form of a best shot doubles round in head to head matchups. The course provided a lot of birdie opportunities and plenty of time for us to see the disc fly and get an idea of what the players had worked on this off-season.

Round Summary

FPO started the day off at 10 am eastern and early in the round, the rust was somewhat obvious. Many of the teams got off to a slow start and some of the players with new bags seemed like they didn’t quite know what to expect out of their discs. As the round went on, they settled into more typical play like we would expect out of them. The round definitely had some highlights such as a sick throw in from Deann Carey.

When it was all said and done, Pierce and Young walked away tied with Weese and Fajkus, Allen and Carey took down Panis and Gannon, and King and Scoggins were able to best Hokom and Cox. This ends day two with Team Pierce holding onto their one point lead over Team Allen 3.5 to 2.5.

On the MPO side, it took no time at all for them to get rolling. It seemed like every team brought their A-game and when one player messed up, his teammate almost always picked up the slack. The issue was, nobody could pull ahead of the field. Every team out there except for Nikko and Gannon walked off the course with an impressive 14 under par. The highlight of the round has to go to James Conrad and Ezra Aderhold being able to tag team the eagle on this 754 foot par 4.

When it was all said and done, Team Heimburg was able to pickup the point that they were down to tie it up going into the final round on Sunday. Realistically, no matter what happened out there today, the 7 points up for grabs during singles on Sunday was going to decide it. With the teams being tied going into tomorrow, it just further solidifies that!

My Thoughts

I’m not going to lie. It felt great to sit down, turn on the TV, and watch some live disc golf again. The FPO round surprised me a little bit at the start. There were a lot of players clearly struggling out there and with it being an open course, it seemed like they were just expecting their discs to fly differently than they did. However, by the end of the round most of the players seemed to find their groove. This is a good sign with singles tomorrow and Vegas in just two weeks.

On the MPO side, players came out the gates rolling. It seemed like everyone was playing good as they cut from card to card so to see all the teams end up at -14 with the exception of Gannon and Nikko at -13 was no surprise. I think this further speaks to the depth that we are going to see in the MPO field this year. I am very curious what the singles rounds are going to look like in both MPO and FPO tomorrow.

How To Watch

You can catch all of the action live tomorrow on the Disc Golf Network!

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